Our experts can establish a reliable diagnosis of your roof’s condition and prioritise the work to be done if necessary. A detailed analysis will be provided to enable you to make an informed decision quickly.


Proactive maintenance will prevent and avoid possible damage. In addition to reducing costs for possible repairs, it helps to maintain an aesthetic appearance and reduce signs of wear and tear.


Our team is able to quickly and efficiently repair roofs presenting all types of coating. Have the peace of mind of a work done by professionals in accordance with current regulations and industry standards.


The partial or complete overhaul of a roof often offers the possibility of reviewing and improving existing installations through the use of equipment and materials that were previously non-existent.

Our advisors will present you the most advantageous options for you in an economic, aesthetics, friendliness and durability perspective.


Metalwork is part of the roofer trade. Flashes, fascia and soffits are all examples of equipment that should be well planned, modeled and carefully installed to maximize the longevity of your roof. Our metalwork shop is also open to the public.


Ventilation and insulation are key factors in the efficiency of a roofing system. They protect the roof from overheating, condensation and ice. With the roughness of our climate, the installation of adequate ventilation and insulation will increase your energy performance and the longevity of your roof.

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