Flat roofs


When it comes to coating a flat roof, options are often more limited and expensive. Unlike traditional sloping roofs, flat roofs must be coated with a roof covering that provides maximum sealing to create an adequate weather barrier and a system for efficient drainage of water and snow accumulations.

In a commercial environment, buildings often have a flat roof, because the latter has aesthetic and conviviality advantages. It will easily accommodate multiple equipments such as air conditioners and fans and be set up usable three seasons in the year.


Several advances have been made in recent years in terms of materials offered for flat roofs. Products such as elastomer have quickly proved themselves to meet the increasing demands of a commercial and industrial clientele. Thus, our know-how has enabled us to acquire expertise in the installation of this type of membrane and to ensure its maximum durability and efficiency.

To overhaul a flat roof, installing a Soprema dual-layer membrane sealant system represents an intelligent investment. In addition to an increased level of waterproofing, the membrane’s protection helps avoiding hazards and accidental perforation.

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