Asphalt shingles


For homeowners seeking to repair their roof at an affordable cost while maintaining aesthetic appeal and good weather resistance, the installation of an asphalt shingles liner is an excellent quality-price option. The level of protection that the shingles offers as well as its attractive visual appearance makes it a very interesting option at a good price. However, it is very important to provide a good aeration system for the roof to minimize the effects of drastic temperature variations that can damage this coating by expansion and contraction. In addition, the roughness of this material causes it to collect snowfall easily. Therefore, it is important to remove snow from this type of roof to avoid overloading the structure.

Asphalt shingles come in several colors and designs to easily match the existing coating. It is suitable for roofs ranging from 3/12 up to 12/12 (vertical). An installation by our qualified roofers will give your property an elegant appearance and, above all, at a good price. Contact us to get a quick quote for your roof repair project. You will get an estimate of the work within 24 to 48 hours!