Preliminary meeting
We will meet with you to learn more about your projects and assess the feasibility of the work. Is your project likely to face municipal or building code restrictions ? Should an exemption be requested before starting work? In general, does this project fit within your budget? We can define a general framework with you which will allow you to choose if you want to go ahead and determine your priorities. We want to assure you a prompt and courteous service. So, contact us today and tell us about your project so we can proudly work together on its development and implementation.
Needs analysis
In a second step, we determine in more detail what your expectations and needs are. We do this based on the current state of the areas to be improved and the aesthetic style you are looking for. Visiting one of our representatives will also allow you to obtain more information on the various materials we can provide. By presenting a clear and detailed estimate, we will define with you the various deliverables accompanied by a cost estimate for each item.
Energy savings pay off!
We advocate energy-efficient construction and renovation. Not only does this reduce your subsequent electricity bill, but it can also be partially subsidized by the Quebec government’s Réno-Climat program .

In fact, this program partially reimburses costs linked to energy assessments and renovation works if these reduce the amount of energy consumed in your building. We can assist you to benefit from substantial savings by taking advantage of the program offered until March 31, 2021. Here are some examples of work giving access to this credit:


  • insulation work;
  • waterproofing work;
  • doors and windows replacement;
  • installation or replacement of mechanical systems.


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