Building envelope work (walls and roofs)
The inspection and repair of  building envelopes can extend your buildings’ life while protecting your investment. We can do our inspections by going up on the roof, or on ropes, from balconies. We’ll analyze the insulation & waterproofing and check for water infiltration, degradation, damage or sagging. If we find a problem, we will be able to offer you an optimal solution and solve the problems quickly before the situation deteriorates.

In addition to improving your comfort, renovations will usually increase your property’s value. You thus gain equity. Although the return on investment varies depending on the work, it is still profitable. So it’s more of an investment than an expense. Some renovations can also improve your energy consumption, reduce your heating/air conditioning bill. You may also be eligible for grants from the Réno-Climat program.
Major repairs

During major repair work or building envelope components corrections (walls and roofs), we follow the architect’s plans and specifications as well as all specifications (from manufacturers and other official technical sheets) for optimal performance.

Preventive maintenance
Your properties may gradually lose value if they are not properly maintained. An annual preventive inspection of your buildings allows you to plan and minimize maintenance costs.

The deterioration not only affects your image but can also harm the health of the occupants. For example, mold can lead to poor air quality leading to respiratory or skin problems. Remember, proper maintenance can save you major expenses in the future by preventing water infiltration, mold buildup, sagging, etc. It is well known: it is cheaper to prevent than to suffer!

Doors and windows
We offer a full range of doors and windows to match to your property. We only choose from top quality manufacturers and suppliers in order to offer you an efficient and durable product for years to come. Therefore, we proudly guarantee our products and our installation with full coverage (parts and labor).

Comfort, looks and energy efficiency are important factors to consider when shopping. Our knowledge of buildings, coating and insulation as well as interior renovation and finishing allows us to offer you a complete and personalized service. Meet with one of our experts to get an assessment of the various possible solutions for replacing your windows, doors and thermos.

Your peace of mind is important to us. That is why we make it our duty to offer you a selection of products combining robustness and eco-performance with high added value.

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