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We will meet with you to learn about your projects and assess the feasibility of the work. Is your project likely to face municipal restrictions or the building code? Should an exemption be requested before starting the work? In broad outline, does this project fit within your budget? We can define with you a general framework which will allow you to choose if you want to go ahead and determine your priorities.


From start to finish, our team can assist you in carrying out your projects. Whether it is for the development of plans or for the start of the project, we will be there for you in all stages. At Battisti, we are aware of the inconvenients that a construction site can present and we hope that you can enjoy your property as quickly as possible.


In addition to improving your comfort, renovations will usually increase the value of your property. You thus gain equity. Although the return on investment varies depending on the work, it is always profitable. Therefore, it’s more of an investment than an expense. Some renovations can also improve your energy consumption, reduce your heating/air conditioning bill and even be eligible for various tax credits.


The choice of a roof for your property is influenced by many aspects. Aesthetically, a good choice of colors and textures will greatly enhance the appearance of the building. We will establish a reliable diagnosis of the condition of your roof as well as a prioritization of the work to be done. Refurbishment often offers the opportunity to improve existing facilities with the installation of previously non-existent equipment and materials.


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